Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Swiss Army Knife

This illustration came in the package of a Swiss Army knife I bought recently. I was struck by two of the devices.

Seat Belt Cutter

Doesn't this seem just a bit too specific? Don't use this on oranges, masking tape, pants cuffs, sweater strings, flower stems, drinking straws, or twine. Save the edge for when you are upside down in your Subaru and need to saw through your seat belts before the gas tank blows.

I know my luck. The day I smash the Toyota and am trapped by my seat belt is the day I leave my Swiss Army knife on the dresser

2) Pharmaceutical Spatula

Sometimes called the Dubya blade, this brings back memories of the bad old days of disco, when the guys with the perms wore pharmaceutical spatulas (spatuli?) on a gold chain around their necks.

Check out the French Army Knife

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