Sunday, January 1, 2012

11 in 2011

My Top 11 in 2011 in 11 words or less
also posted on CHIRP Radio Best of 2011

In no particular order

Let England Shake, PJ Harvey
Grim, haunting songs sweetly sung. Next time, PJ, more guitar please.

Fractured Days, Brief Candles
Shoegazers from Milwaukee = bowling shoe gazers. Stellar from start to finish

Yuck, Yuck

These kids do the 90s better than most 90s bands.

The Whole Love, Wilco

Best since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

WHOKILL, Tune-Yards

Wha? Ukelele-driven African beats? One of the year's best surprises.

Weird Freedom, Little Gold
Former Woods guitarist gets his pubrock/psychedelic/alt country freak on.

Cults, Cults

Bouncy but creepy take on sixties girl group sound and themes.

Last Summer, Eleanor Friedberger
Stream of consciousness tour of Manhattan and other islands.

Bad as Me, Tom Waits
Waits and Nick Cave give aging rockers hope.

The King is Dead, The Decemberists
Decemberists get rootsy, release one of their strongest efforts to date.

Icky Mettle, Archers of Loaf

Favorite reissue. 18 years later and still crunchy.